Centipede Technology
PET Corp’s sensor technology based entirely on elastomeric polymers is being developed and marketed in association with Segmented Sensor Technologies, Inc.
PET Switch Axle Sensor System
The PET Switch is a portable, reusable vehicle axle detection device. The unique design and attributes of the PET Switch allow it to be placed across up to four lanes of traffic and to distinguish axle actuations between each lane.
The PET Switch System uses an intelligent road tube that is configured to distinguish between lanes and allows the collection of speed, axle classification and volume data simultaneously in up to four lanes. The PET Switch System allows you customized data collection for every count location. The intelligent road tube can be configured to handle any lane configuration and roadway cross section. Any of the dimensions shown can be modified to accommodate the customer's preferences.
What does the PET Switch System do?
  1. Records up to 8 individual lanes of traffic volume using one recorder.
  2. Collects speed, axle classification and volume data in up to 4 lanes simultaneously using one recorder.
  3. Allows you to reuse the intelligent tube at multiple study sites.
  4. Minimizes manpower and reduces cost of data collection efforts.
  5. Collects data more accurately than air pulse road tube systems.
  6. It allows you to collect data on low speed or congested roadways.
  7. It endures weather conditions and allows you to collect data where humans could not.
RoadRAMP Axle Sensors
Portable, multi-lane, axle sensor products, to accurately count & classify traffic flow in each of 2 - 6 lanes simultaneously. Accurate, multi-lane data collection for volume, speed & classification using existing pneumatic traffic counter/classifiers. Marketing, production and continuing development of the RoadRAMP product line is being done in association with RoadRAMP Systems.
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